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Reconnect with Wholeness 

Reconnective Healing® is a powerful hands-free form of energetic healing that restores harmony to the body, mind, spirit and soul

During a Reconnective Healing® session the energy field of the practitioner and client commune with the healing intelligence of the universe accessing higher frequencies of light, energy and information that facilitate the calibration of one’s original innate state of wholeness. Each person’s healing is unique and continues working long after the session. The number of sessions is individual, three sessions are optimal. Reconnective Healing® sessions can also be facilitated remotely.

Besides a Reconnective Healing® session, it is also possible to receive The Reconnection® a unique energetic balancing that reconnects the energetic grid of the body to the axiatonal lines of the planet and the universe. These lines are part of an infinite network of higher intelligence, parallel-dimensional systems that draws on primordial life-force for the renewal of the bodily functions as well as augmenting the alignment with one’s higher self, and one’s divine blueprint.

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Milly van Praag-Lopez

Starting at the age of 26, my Buddhist practice paved the way for my work as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner.  Buddhism gifted me 40 years of working closely with people to support them to stay in touch with the inherent power that exists in our lives, what we call the Buddha Nature, others Universal Intelligence, Source, Creator, God.  

My strong desire for people’s happiness spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally inspired me to continue expanding my horizons, leading me to work for many years as a shiatsu therapist.
ThetaHealing came along in 2019, as well as workshops to explore healing with tuning forks.  In 2020 I delved head-on into the world of remote healing with Dr. Sue Morter, a highly gifted doctor, teacher and international speaker. She is someone who has taken healing and quantum science to new heights!  
When I first heard Dr. Eric Pearl talk about Reconnective Healing, I felt a profound sense that my desire to work as a healing practitioner had truly come together, that I had finally found the modality of healing work I knew in my heart was what I was meant to dedicate myself to.  It brought everything into perfect synchronicity including my spiritual journey, which after Buddhism catapulted me into the realm of non-dualistic teachings starting with The Law of One, and seamlessly moving on to The Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery.  Rupert Spira, John Mark Stroud, and Mooji are spiritual teachers that continue to nourish my heart and soul, as well as spiritual mentors Carol Morgan and Antoinette Fiumos, who both channel higher-dimensional Beings.  
I am deeply humbled to be doing this beautiful, powerful work and to be a catalyst enabling people to reconnect with their wholeness beyond thought, beyond words, beyond touch, into the ineffable. 

Reconnective Healing Reconnect with Wholeness Milly

Your healing session.

  • You simply lie down while I access the frequencies. 
  • I do not direct the energy, it will go where it is needed.
  • I do not touch the body.  You just close your eyes and relax and simply notice what occurs. 
  • It is best if you are open to receive the frequencies without any attachment to the outcome.  
  • A session typically lasts approximately 40-50 minutes.
  • Price €111,- euro, both in person and remotely.
Benefits of a Reconnective Healing® session
  • Rebalancing down to the cellular level.

  • Mental, physical and emotional healing.
  • Strengthen your own energetic frequency.
  • Clarity and alignment down to the soul level


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More information about Reconnective Healing?

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Practical information

Waar: massage room @ De Nieuwe Yogaschool
Wanneer: Saturday morning from 09:00 - 13.30
Remote healings are available throughout the week
More info:

Bookings & more info: or directly through the website of Reconnect with Wholeness

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