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Lunar (Yin) and Solar (Yang) Flow Trainings with Simon Rowe

100 hour Shanti/Lunar Program and 100 hour Radiant/Yang Flow Program

Deepen your studies of both the Yin and Yang aspects of Flow during these expert Flow trainings. Learn how a holistic Flow practice can bring energy, balance and harmony to all aspects of your life. Enrich your practice, deepen your embodiment and enhance your (teaching) skills as you explore these transformative and liberating teachings.
Simon’s teachings are based on his life long experience of Yoga, movement & dance and his studies with some of the leading pioneers within the global Flow culture.

Embrace the evolution of an ancient practice by exploring a Yoga for our time.

Radiant Solar Flow 100 hour Simon Rowe

Solar (Yang) Flow Trainings | 100hr (2 x 50hr)

Refine your practice and teaching as you dive into the essential principles of energetic practice. Learn how to embody the energy of breath and infuse your Yoga with the Life force to give full vibrant expression to your asanas, cultivate your inner radiance and shine! Learn how to practice holistically, to harmonise your body and mind with beautiful and graceful, flow practices. Study the art of living in flow and moving with the seasons.
 Enrich your practice of static Yoga poses by learning to include gracious and liberating movement based practices. Dive into embodied teachings on the subtle body (Energy body, 5 Elements & 7 Chakras) and learn to create deep transformative Yoga journeys and ritual practices. Simon shares a synthesis of teachings from the traditional roots of Flow as well as innovations from leading pioneers within the global Flow culture.

Each 100 hour program consists of 2 x 50 hour studies. All 50 hour studies can be done independently for students who are not following the full (100 hr) Certification Program.

Shanti Flow Simon Rowe

Lunar (Yin) Flow Trainings | 100hr ( 2 x 50hr)

Study the Lunar (Yin) teachings of Shanti Flow for inner healing and regeneration. Learn how to cultivate and nurture your yin quality during flow based practices. Embody the healing power of embodied breath as you explore gentle movement patterns infused with healing breath-work. Practice from a place of deep surrender and ease as you learn to create deep and soulful lunar Yoga journeys. Learn to nourish yourself and others with these beautiful flow-based practices.

Each 100 hour program consists of 2 x 50 hour studies. All 50 hour studies can be done independently for students who are not following the full (100 hr) Certification Program.

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About Simon

Simon J. Rowe (Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 and YACEP)

Simon is a senior flow teacher & teacher trainer. He has developed his own signature style of teaching inspired by his life long study of Yoga and movement based practices.
Simon invites students to give themselves fully to the flow experience and to dive deeply into the mystical teachings of Yoga as a tool for transformation.
He offers refined teachings on breath, flow and movement meditation. 
Simon’s motto is ‘Live your love and embody your freedom’.
Simon’s Teacher trainings are hosted by De Nieuwe Yogaschool. As a lover of life, nature and the spirit of freedom, Simon enjoys travelling to study and to share his teachings with others. Read all about his work on his website

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"The Shanti training is such a beautiful journey into grounding and softening. The sacred practices that Simon offers are all about embodiment and unification. It connected me on a very profound level to my inner essence which is alive and at peace at the same time."
- Charlotte -

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