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Liisa Russmann

Liisa Russmann
Liisa’s yoga journey began almost ten years ago in London with discovering the balancing benefits of yoga for both body and mind in a traditional Hatha class. From there, she has practised extensively and trained as a Vinyasa, Hatha & Yin teacher in Power Living studios in Sydney, Australia with Duncan Peak, Tiffany Cruikshank, Maty Ezraty and Kathryn Budig. Now settled in Amsterdam, yoga is truly her lifestyle that she aspires to share with others on this side of the world.

Always passionate, warm and committed, Liisa creates a vigorous practise helping students to find their edge. Her classes reflect her personality: energetic, fun-loving and playfully creative. Her aim is to bring students back into their bodies and out of their heads, to get people moving in a way that is energizing, strengthening and nourishing. To live a life that is not just existing through our days, but really living!

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