"De yogales begint pas echt op het moment dat je van de mat afstapt"

De Nieuwe Yogaschool, een plek in Amsterdam voor Yoga en Meditatie! Het is onze ambitie om een ambiance te creëren
waarbinnen jij jezelf op een veilige en prettige manier kunt ontwikkelen.
Jou iets gelukkiger maken, dat is ons doel!


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“De yogales begint pas echt op het moment dat je van de mat afstapt”

Ashtanga Yoga Immersion weekend with Michael Gannon

About Michael Gannon:

Yoga found Michael after 10 years of chaotic deal making in the American advertising and music business.  Through his yoga practice he was awakened to incredible balancing benefits that would gradually change his life path.  After studying in India with the late Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, learning the 1st, 2nd and 3rd series of the traditional Ashtanga system, he was authorized directly by Jois in 2001 to teach.  Since then, he spends the year traveling and teaching workshops, trainings and retreats in The Americas, UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Each workshop through the weekend intensive will have different themes.

You can also follow each class and/or workshop individually.

  • To register for workshop Opening your heart, Friday, October 31, click here
  • To regiser for Full Vinyasa Practice –The Science of the Vinyasa System, Saturday November 2, click here
  • To register for workshop Awaken your life force and quite your mind, Saturday November first, click here
  • To register for Led Primary series class, Sunday November second, click here
  • To register for workshop Opening your lotus, Sunday November second, click here

The Schedule

Friday, October 31

  • 15.00-17.00: Opening your heart workshop

Opening Your Heart – Elements of backbending
Some of us have a spine like cooked linguini and don’t need to think about backbending. Some of us begin to hyperventilate when we attempt basic backbends. In this workshop we will break down individual elements that allow us to backbend with control and comfort. Working with partners we will explore shoulders, hip flexors our front, our foundation and our breath. All levels, all styles of practitioners.

Saturday, November first

  • 09.30-11.30: Full Vinyasa Practise - The Science of the Vinyasa System
  • 15.00-17.00: Awaken your life force and quiet your mind

Full Vinyasa Practice –The Science of the Vinyasa System
In Ashtanga Yoga we can go through the motions or we can REALLY do the practice. With awareness, with rhythm, with control, following the breath….with the correct vinyasa. We will start by exploring the science of the Vinyasa System, where it came from, what it REALLY means and why it’s use and understanding is invaluable to our practice. We will discover how to truly use the breath as the primary guide for each and every one of our movements throughout the practice. We will break down the primary series to learn the Correct Vinyasa Count (breath/movement pattern) for moving into, through and out of each asana. And we will understand how the original practice of “full form” of the vinyasa system had each and every asana start and finish in samastitihi. Then we will move together through the original Full-Form Vinyasa of Primary Series, following the correct vinyasa count in Sanskrit. Few practitioners and teachers understand this ‘full form” and even fewer teach it. A rare opportunity. Open to all levels with experience in Ashtanga.

Awaken Your Life Force and Quiet Your Mind
A Yogic breathing and pranayama workshop
This workshop will support the idea that the Breath is the most powerful aspect of Ashtanga yoga. We will enhance our breath awareness to deepen our asana practice and develop a basic seated pranayama practice.
By incorporating this practice — slowly, slowly you will be able to utilize the control of breath and bandhas to harness energy (prana) and flow with synchronicity from asana to asana, taking your practice experience to another level.

Sunday, November second

  • 09.30-11.30: Led Primary Series
  • 15.00-17.00: Opening your lotus.

Led Primary Series
Michael will guide the primary series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga using the traditional Sanskrit count of each vinyasa. Hands on adjustments will provide a deeper and practice experience. Open to all levels with experience in Ashtanga.

Opening Your Lotus – Elements of Sitting
For many of us, putting ourselves into Padmasana is NOT easy. And sitting there comfortably for more than 60-seconds can be like a Tapas practice of will and determination. This class will use a sequence of seated asanas to slowly, slowly free the restricted parts of the body that need to be loose to comfortably come into Padmasana and sit in peace. We can then use this new Asana, or seat, to ground ourselved for pranayama and meditation. All levels welcome.

Date: October 31, November 1 & 2, 2014
Price: 139 EUR incl. VAT for the full package!

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Bank address ING: Rokin 90, 1012 KX Amsterdam
IBAN: NL64 INGB 0006115882
Address of the school: De Nieuwe Yogaschool Laurierstraat 109 1016 PL Amsterdam

*Deze workshop wordt gegeven in het engels/ This workshop will be in English

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