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Men's Coaching Group with Tyler

€ 35,00
02 mei 2024 19:00 - 21:00 UUR
Men's Coaching Group wi...
€ 35,00
02 mei 2024 19:00 - 21:00 UUR
Tyler M...
les wordt gegeven doorTyler Micocci
02 mei 2024 19:00 - 21:00 UUR
€ 35,00

Welcome to the Men's Coaching Group - Embrace Change Together!
With Tyler


Are you prepared to embark on a transformative journey towards personal growth and positive change?

Join our Men's Coaching Group, where we come together to embrace change, foster authentic connections, and uplift one another through honest presence and constant support.

About the journey:
Under the expert guidance of coach Tyler Micocci and with a holistic approach, we combine guided meditations, practical physical exercises, group sharing, and powerful mastermind techniques.

Over five impactful sessions, each lasting three hours and held on Thursday evenings, you'll be equipped with valuable tools, experiential learning, and ongoing integration.

This journey is designed to motivate, energize, and empower you as you embrace positive transformations within your personal and professional life. Whether you're a father, partner, business owner, or employee, you'll embark on a path of self-discovery, leading you towards a renewed and empowered version of yourself.

What to expect:
Throughout the training, we create a structured space for men to become self-aware, self-disciplined, empowered, and trustworthy individuals and leaders. The cornerstone of our group is the weekly confidential in-person meeting, where men gather to speak honestly, challenge each other in a supportive way, celebrate successes, and break through barriers to inner growth.

Supportive material for you:
During the five-week journey, you will receive practical and empowering materials and assignments to help you integrate the experience in between each session:

- Guided Meditation: Cultivate mindfulness and inner calm
- Inspirational Reading Material: Fuel your motivation and personal insights.
- Mind-Body Routine: Foster holistic well-being and resilience.
- Weekly Check-in with Your Buddy: Maintain accountability and mutual support.

Our group's focus:
Our meetings revolve around learning from each other's shared experiences, speaking the truth, and providing mutual support. We firmly believe in the strength and transformative power of authentic connections.

Men in our group come together to:
- Overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.
- Be challenged in a supportive way to reach new heights.
- Nurture their successes and build on them.
- Set meaningful and achievable goals.
- Hold each other accountable for continued growth.

Other journey session:
Thursdays: May 16.

Join the Men's Coaching Group:
If you're eager to embrace positive change, deepen your self-awareness, and experience the power of authentic connections, sign up for the Men's Coaching Group today. Take this life-changing journey with us and discover the limitless possibilities for growth and transformation in your life.

For any inquiries or questions, please contact us at

Date: Thursday May 2, 2024
Time: 19.00 - 21.00 hr
Place: De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam
Price: 35,00