Basic alignment

In this slow paced "Anusara-inspired" Hatha yoga class, ten to fifteen asanas (postures) are treated. This yoga is slower in tempo than a basic flow class, with options to make the asanas more intense. Each focuses on a yogic theme:

•    Body posture alignment
•    Mental and energetic alignment principles 
•    breathing
•    suppleness 
•    concentration

The Basic Alignment class starts with the release of thoughts and awareness of breathing and introduction to the theme of the class. The body is warmed up by means of strength asanas, like sun salutations, warrior positions or traditional standing positions. The asanas that follow, focus on expressing or practicing the various themes of the class such as:

•    balance
•    strength
•    energy
•    grounding
•    energetic directions
•    back, shoulder or  hip openers

he class ends with at least five to ten minutes of rest/meditation.

For who?

This class is ideal for beginners, people with (old injuries) and all who want to learn how to handle your body with more awareness. Advanced students can use this class to deepen inner themes and to explore personal modifications of asanas. If you are pregnant, please let the teacher know so (s)he can take it into consideration.

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