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The body must be fluid to work optimal and prevent dis-ease

Het is de kunst om in stilte te ontvangen en luisteren naar ons lichaam. Het zenuwstelsel tot rust brengen om de signalen van je onbewuste naar bewuste te brengen: optimaal streven naar heling en ruimte om te shinen in je unieke Zelf.

Boek nu je sessie bij Yoga Hands:

Taste of touch 45 min                  50 euro (t.w.v. 65 euro)
Summer-love 3x 90 min.             250 euro (t.w.v. 300 euro)

Meer informatie of direct boeken kan via de website van Yoga Hands

massage deborah Hoeks

Yoga Hands massage

Yoga is massage, breathing and connecting to your inner world through asanas joined by breath… Massage is like lazy yoga, from the outside to your inner world …a meditative journey through your body.

Working with massage and Yoga will create a bigger understanding of your body. Yoga Hands guides you with handing out tools to work with, for self-healing and preventing any inconveniences.

Everybody experiences stress. The physical and mental body is expressing this in blocking of energy and causes pain, restrictions in movement or mental restlessness.

Yoga Hands works with Alchemy of Touch Transformational Bodywork, a combination of joint release, Thai yoga stretches, deep tissue (myo)fascia- and visceral (belly) massage is covering all. Side body work for mummy’s-to-be, or to work more in dept for relief of deeper shoulder pain. Journey within yourself to arrive in the state of Being, and bliss with a pain-free and fluid body.

A way of working that helps you to connect with your inner world.  By releasing the doing and focusing the conscious mind to the unconscious mind-body; the body will heal and eventually enter a state of balance and bliss.

massage deborah Hoeks


My massages are tailor made with a holistic approach, always relaxing and therapeutic.

  • relaxation, prevention & healing in general
  • stress release: combination of massage & yoga
  • shoulder- and neck problems
  • lower back issues (illiopsoas)
  • immune booster: strenghten immunity with oils
  • removing pain & blockages
  • pregnancy: mummy’s and mummy’s-to-be
  • belly massage: visceral gentle trauma release
Yoga Hands adds tools like hotstones, essential oils or Guasha to deepen your experience.

To benefit more and gain the maximum result of a single session, advised to book 90 minutes; enabling you to fully calm your nervous system and heal some (pain)blockages in your body..

massage deborah Hoeks

Meer informatie over de massages?

Bezoek de website van Yoga Hands

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Praktische informatie

Waar: massage ruimte @ De Nieuwe Yogaschool
Wanneer: Ma van 17.30-22.00 uur & om de week op zondag van 9.00-19.00 uur
Meer info:

More information or bookings directly through the website of Yoga Hands

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