Moena de Jong

Moena de Jong
Practicing and teaching yoga are an art, connecting to the heart. Moena teaches her classes the same way she loves to receive lessons: welcoming at all times, open to positive, transformative experiences. Aside from your unique individual experience of feeling more open and gaining a broader perspective on your possibilities, you feel the magic of a group synergy as the energy in class is uplifting.

In Moena's classes you are invited to rediscover yourself, feel inspired as you kindly explore every breath and sometimes accept a challenge with a non-violent approach. The music that accompanies the class is carefully chosen and flows magically with the postures.

Moena is a certified Jivamukti teacher who started her teaching journey with Hatha yoga, based on the principle of Critical Alignment.

In the Johan Noorloos Teacher Training, Moena teaches the workshops:

- Asana techniek (Vinyasa TT)

These workshops cover the most important Vinyasa asanas: to teach as well as learn to analyze and adjust them in accordance with the physical potential of your students. 

- Pranayama en Mantra (Yin TT)

Diving deeper in het power of breathing. Prana is the life force. Breathing is your engine during asana practice. PRA means 'moving' and NA means 'always.' Pranayama is controlling the normal pace of your breath and thereby controlling your mind.
- Filosofie en Ayurveda (Yin TT)

- Hatha filosofie (Vinyasa TT)


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