Léah Kline

Léah  Kline
Léah has been practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching yoga since 2003. Leah comes to Yoga from a professional modern dance, theater and voice background.  Influenced by her studies with Bikram to Ashtanga to Iyengar and (most inspired by) Anusara, she focuses strongly on safe and intelligent physical and spiritual alignment in her lessons. Leah is  deeply moved at how yoga has helped her shift from survival mode  to living from the heart mode on and off the mat!  

In the Johan Noorloos Teacher Training, Léah teaches the following three workshops 
Asana technique
These 10 Workshops cover the most importatnt Vinyasa asanas, to teach, to learn to analyze and adjust  them in accordance to  the physical potential of your students.

- Adjustments
Learn the basic hands- on and verbal adjustments for the most common misalignment in asanas. Also how to touch, when to touch and when to let be!  

Voice training 
When you teach, you need to feel comfortable using your voice as an extension of your body. Your voice is a very important part of your class when teaching, what you say and how you say it.

Leah teaches Asana Technique, Voice and adjustments in the Johan Noorloos Teacher Training, 6 week Basic Alignment Course for beginners and intermediate students, Advanced Teacher Training Studies and organizes Savasana Concerts at the school.  
When Leah is in town these are her class times:   
Monday Basic Alignment 12:15
Tuesday Advanced Alignment, 18:15 ( starting on November 21)  together with Evi Basci 
Thursday Flow4all 17:45 
Sunday Flow4all 12:30


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