Alison Melvin

Alison Melvin

Alison has been practising yoga for over 25 years and teaching Hatha and Yin yoga for more than 10 years. Over the years she has studied many styles of yoga from Ashtanga Vinyasa to Kundalini but Alison's passion is for teaching slow mindful yoga - primarily Yin and Restorative yoga.

She has followed extensive yoga teacher trainings with different international teachers in the UK, Europe and the USA including Paul Grilley, Donna Farhi and Judith Lasater but remains a longterm student of her main teacher, Sarah Powers and the Insight Yoga Institute. Alison is interested in combining her yoga practice with Buddhism and spiritual psychology to balance the body, heart and mind.

Alison also has a specialization in teaching yoga to cancer patients and those recovering after serious illness and leads specialist retreats for women recovering from breast cancer with the Yogini Rosa Foundation.

Alison's other main interest is mindfulness meditation. She has sat several Vipassana meditation retreats and trained in Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga at Spirit Rock Vipassana Meditation Centre in California as well as being a Mindfulness trainer. Alison believes in taking time each year to go on silent retreat and making time for ongoing professional development and trainings with her teachers Sarah and Ty Powers.

"I encourage students to use their yoga practice to look inwards and to find a connection within themselves. This connection with our body, quietness in our mind and peace in our heart is easily lost due to the stress of our daily life. My practice and what I teach is how to integrate yoga with mindfulness meditation so that the postures become a meditation in motion."

Alison teaches the following workshops in the Johan Noorloos Teacher Training:

- Asana technique
Observing bodies and Yin yoga postures from an anatomical persective, effectively adjusting yogaposes, learning how to create and conduct a class keeping an open body, heart and mind.

- Yin and mindfulness
Opening a yoga class with a guided meditiation, mindfulness of the breath, body, emotions/feelings, mind, on our mat and in our life.


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