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Yoga Therapy Weekend (2x 10 uur training) with Svastha Yoga Therapy

7 / 23 | € 210,00
22 februari 2020 12:00 - 19:00 UUR
Yoga Therapy Weekend (2...
7 / 23 | € 210,00
22 februari 2020 12:00 - 19:00 UUR
Anneke ...
les wordt gegeven doorAnneke Sips
22 februari 2020 12:00 - 19:00 UUR
7 / 23 | € 210,00

Saturday the 22th of Feburary: 

Habits of self-care for mental health with Svastha Yoga Therapy

In our fast-paced lives, where routines and long hours are numbing our brains and bodies and reduce our leisure time, our stress response gets overused. Stress tends to lead to more stress and burn-out. Although traditionally the system of yoga was not developed as a mode by which to improve mental health issues, like stress, trauma, depression, anxiety... its beautiful design offers an advanced approach to cultivate each and every aspect of mental life and direct it into a state of balance.

Anneke believes that well-being is more than just absence of disease, but an all-encompassing state of physical, mental and emotional wellness. In this workshop, she will take a look at the mental dis-balance from a yogic perspective (yoga sutra/ Krishnamacharya). We will discuss and practice the art of awareness and some yogic tools that are easy to implement in daily life to support self-care routines. This will help you to find rhythms and rituals that fit your lives so that you are able to bring changes to some patterns in a way that is sustainable and reduces stress for a healthier living. A lovely day of yogic self-care for anyone and a great way to learn about this work for yoga teachers, to find out if the journey into yoga therapy is for you. 

Sunday the 23rd of Feburary: 

Heart wounds: The role of compassion-based yoga therapy in grief with Svastha Yoga Therapy

Some losses are clear, society recognizes them as significant and we have rituals to mourn them. We feel free to ask for support and more often, support comes our way without our even having to ask. But the kinds of losses that are a part of addiction and (physical) dysfunction, all too often remain unseen or misread by others. And there can be confusion as to exactly who or what has been lost, or whether there is a loss at all. Loneliness may follow. However, not only do they hurt as much, the very fact that they remain buried, unrecognized and unsupported, can complicate mourning and block our process of grieving. These kinds of losses deserve respect, they need our compassion and care.

Compassion and gentle yoga with a group of people, can be of great support in the process of mourning a loss of a connection to self, to someone significant, to a period of life, to addiction and/or dysfunction can be freeing and restoring. It can let us feel whole again having processed our painful inner experience and bringing it to comfortable closure. It helps us to move on in life and live in the present.

In this workshop, you will learn about compassion-based yoga therapy for grief and difficult emotions, guilt and shame. This is useful to get inspired to build classes yourself around this theme if you wish to support another person or work with your own grief. We will do a personal ritual and you do not have to share your reason for grief within the group. It's safe to be here in your way.

These two workshops include the first chapter of Anneke's new online training. To start the journey now, follow @annekesips and #beyourowntherapist on Instagram.

This workshop is designed to address such losses as:

· Loss of a connection to self due to trauma
· Loss of a significant person or relationship
· For the (spouse) of an addict in recovery, the loss of potential or a part of their life
· Divorce abandonment
· Miscarriage, infertility
· Death of a pet
· Disabling conditions, health issues
· Loss of Career: Loss of identity, retirement
· Mental illness
· All other

This Yoga Therapy Weekend is part of a set of two which you can also follow seperately:

Saturday 22/02/20: Habits of self-care for mental health with Svastha Yoga Therapy Click here
Sunday 23/02/20: Heart wounds: The role of compassion-based yoga therapy in grief with Svastha Yoga Therapy > Click here

About Anneke Sips

Anneke is a Svastha Yoga Teacher/ Therapist and Registered Nurse (RN) who works in psychiatry since 1998. She is one of the first accredited yoga therapists in The Netherlands (C-IAYT) and the founder of Network Yoga Therapy and The Yoga Therapy Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her expertise can be found in yoga for mental health and especially trauma and psychosis. She designs and offers compassion-based therapeutic yoga programs and is a bridge-builder in the field of Yoga Therapy for mental health in The Netherlands. She is a student of A.G. Mohan, his wife Indra Mohan from Chennai who were both direct students of Krishnamacharya. 

This workshop will be in English.

Date: Saturday the 22th & Sunday the 23rd of February 2020
Time: 12.00 - 19.00 hr
Price: €210,- incl. tax