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Advanced Study: Pranayama & Mantra with Moena (10 uur training)

3 / 25 | € 110,00
24 april 2020 09:30 - 17:30 UUR
Advanced Study: Pranaya...
3 / 25 | € 110,00
24 april 2020 09:30 - 17:30 UUR
Moena d...
les wordt gegeven doorMoena de Jong
24 april 2020 09:30 - 17:30 UUR
3 / 25 | € 110,00

In the west the focus of the Yoga practise is most dominant on Asana while Pranayama is the engine of our Sadhana (spiritual practice). Not only can it prefend injuries, it makes our Yoga practise physically lighter and uplifting.

On a very physical level the internal organs, digestive, respiratory, circulatory and all internal systems of the body are greatly affected by Pranayama. There are nerves that run through the diaphragm, and when stimulated by Pranayama, they allow us to directly influence the parasympathetic nervous system (switching from fight-and-flight to rest-and-digest) directly promoting self-healing and recovery.

When we practise Pranayama regularly we are actively maintaining our level of health. Underlying this is the energetic aspect, by learning to control the breath you are learning to extend the Prana or life force, this is what pranayama is all about. Our nervous system, endocrine system, etc, are all affected by prana, and pranayama is a key aspect to sustaining health. We can also practise pranayama to overcome a karmic element.

Pranayama is the bridge between the outer and inner sensory responses - it takes us inwards, and the mudras and bandhas deepen the effect of the pranayama. These techniques induce pratyahara (sensory withdrawal) and lead us through from outer awareness to inner awareness, as the mind becomes more and more focused, it results in dharana (concentration). 


Our minds—through our words, whether spoken out loud or silently—create the reality we live in. Most people are unaware of the powerful force their words unleash upon the world.

Chanting mantra while you are meditating and practicing asana as well as in “everyday life” situations can help you shift your awareness out of a feeling of constriction to a place of expansiveness.

Chanting mantra can work like magic. Magic is when your perception of something shifts. You see something one way and then magically it changes shape and appears as something else, perhaps radically different from what you first thought it was. Mantra can take our perception from mundane reality to celestial, elevated reality, true reality-what is truly real.

Chanting is a pleasure that transcends the senses, it takes us beyond the bounds of time and space (which is why we don’t have to understand the mantra). Thus it soothes in a most profound way. It soothes on a cellular level. It merges our finite identity with the infinite, and so dissolves us. It relieves us from the sights and sounds and stimulation of the material world and delivers us into a spiritual space.

The sacred words hidden in the chants teach us in an organic and heart-opening way about the yoga philosophy.

What you will learn in the Pranayama & Mantra Advanced Study:

Understand how to create practices for yourself and others that are breath and energy focused instead of the usual focus on the physical body. The Advanced Study will give you many different ways to explore breath and energy. 

For who?

This module is perfect for all levels, but especially interesting for teachers as well as students who are looking for a deeper and more profound approach towards teaching and practicing yoga. Join this module to learn the right information and how to apply this. 

Effect of mantras: 

- All mantras have intense physical benefits.

- They relieve stress. The rhythm and sound of the chanting moves energy throughout the body. The movement of energy regulates the chemicals in our brains. It blocks stress hormones and releases endorphins.

- Mantras enhance positive alpha, gamma, delta, and the brainwaves—the brainwaves that kick in during relaxation.

- Chanting increases immune functions, and lower blood pressure. The sound of the mantra literally drowns out the negative voices in our heads. When the negative thoughts are suppressed, the mind has room for positive thoughts.

- It is a free and easy way to manage thoughts and achieve physical and mental welfare.

This workshop will be in English.

Date: Wednesday the 24st of April 2020
Time: 09.30 - 17.30 hr
Price: €110,-

Place: Amsterdam, De Nieuwe Yogaschool