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Advanced Vinyasa Intensive (10 uur training): Creating philosophy-inspired vinyasa sequences with Daphne Koken

14 / 17 | € 133,10
31 januari 2020 10:00 - 18:00 UUR
Advanced Vinyasa Intens...
14 / 17 | € 133,10
31 januari 2020 10:00 - 18:00 UUR
Daphne ...
les wordt gegeven doorDaphne Koken
31 januari 2020 10:00 - 18:00 UUR
14 / 17 | € 133,10

Vinyasa yoga teacher Daphne Koken is offering this advanced module for yoga teachers and intermediate yoga students.

Philosophy as inspiration! A truly heart opening and fulfilling intensive Daphne Koken. During this intensive you will learn how to bring yoga philosophy to life and transform these teachings into embodied experiences for your students. Honour the sacred space of practice through working with mudras, mantras and funky sacred playlists. Use the transformative stories of Hindu mythology to create a deeper understanding of what yoga is about. Allow yourself to dive deeper and inspire others on the path of meaningful yoga.

About Daphne
Daphne is a yoga alliance certified vinyasa yoga teacher who invites her students to open up to the flow of life energy (Prana) and to embrace, live and breathe the Vinyasa of life. She is a 500hrs certified Prana Vinyasa Yoga™ teacher having studied for years with her root teacher Shiva Rea and in the U.S., India, Central America and Europe. Her extensive training also includes her studies of shiatsu therapy and nutrition.

A lover of life, nature and the spirit of freedom, she is an innovative teacher, dedicated to share her teachings in a down to earth and fun way. A passionate traveller and explorer, she inspires people to live a vital and happy life, through the connection with our breath, our bodies, the beauty of nature and the elements. Based in Amsterdam and Haarlem, she offers yoga worskhops, ritual masterclasses and teacher training programs (200 hrs and 300 hrs). Daphne loves taking people out into nature on her breath taking yoga nature retreats.

This 10-hour intensive is part of a set of three:
Friday 4/10: Explore your Core: Advanced bandha practice & teaching core cultivation > Click here
Friday 29/11: Mandala Sequencing: Creating circular pathways of flow > Click here
Friday 31/01: Embodying Philosophy: Creating philosophy-inspired vinyasa

Would you like to join the three intensives (tax not included €295,-) > Click here

This workshop will be in English.

Date: Friday January 31st 2019
Time: 10.00 - 18.00 hr
Price: €110,- (tax not included)