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A Sacred Fundraiser evening for the women in India in collaboration with Pia

17 / 55 | € 19,50
25 januari 2019 19:30 - 21:30 UUR
A Sacred Fundraiser eve...
17 / 55 | € 19,50
25 januari 2019 19:30 - 21:30 UUR
25 januari 2019 19:30 - 21:30 UUR
17 / 55 | € 19,50

A Sacred Fundraiser evening Supporting Samvedna Connecting Souls Pia, Aumcara Ashram & De Nieuwe Yogaschool Invite you to be Part of the Global Family

Samvedna, a Sustainable Project for Disadvantaged Woman and Children in Rishikesh, India.

Come join us for this beautiful evening program at De Nieuwe Yogaschool;

Opening with Brigitte Hendrix
Together with Brigitte, who had the privilege to work with Samvedna women closely, we begin this event with an introduction in to the life of Samvedna Women and children in Rishikesh.
Heart meditation with Rolandjan van Mulligen
Rolandjan will guide us in a Heart opening meditation and Connect us deeper with our soul.
Meeting with Pia
We have the privilege to have Pia share a special recorded Satsang for this event.
Voice expression workshop with Alice Rientjes
It is so important for all woman, everyone to feel and speak what they want and don’t want. Alice will guide us through movement and a small workshop in Voice expression, to feel we have our own unique voice to express. We sing for all women, the feminine.

We will end the evening with mantra’s from the Heart to celebrate we are One. Guided by Leonie Bos, Alice Rientjes, Tali Gross, Laurens Mulder and all of you!

Samvedna’s mission is to educate, employ, empower women and is dedicated to support women to gain self-respect, dignity, courage and independence. The co-founders Mr Deepak Barthwal and Mrs Aarti Saxena work tirelessly with their generosity and devotion to Samvedna. Pia and Aumcara Sangha acknowledge the privilege to support and be part of this life changing project.

Pia was invited to be an honoured guest at Samavedna’s Inguration 2014. Pia and Aumcara Sangha have continued to support, follow and celebrate Samvedna’s endeavours, including the opening of their new shop front, Samahita and were honoured guests at the Sacred Ceremony Blessing their almost competed new workshop building in March 2018.

During Pia’s 2018 European tour Pia shared the privilege of supporting Samvedna and the importance of sustainable projects which sparked and ignited this Sacred event. Flames of Presence came forth and come together.

Pia is deeply touched with the response and this Sacred call continues to bring us together, with Heart felt gratitude to everyone for their time generosity and most importantly their Love. Sharing Presence and our resources are our gifts to Humanity.

Here the Sacred call comes forth, your generosity is Heart-felt and greatly appreciated.

Date: 25th Januari
Time: 19:30 - 21:30

All the profits go directly to Samvedna. At the event there will be also a donation box for some extra loving donations.
Feel free if you want to donate extra by PayPal directly to Samvedna: