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Restorative yoga 90 min

zaterdag 09 nov, 15:30 UUR
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Restorative yoga 90 ...
zaterdag 09 nov, 15:30 UUR
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Elske Falkena
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zaterdag 09 nov, 15:30UUR
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Restorative yoga is not about stretching or strengthening but about total relaxation. Yoga props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks are used to support the body in a position of complete ease and comfort to allow you to completely relax. Restorative yoga means non-doing, non-busyness and simply being.

Tiredness whether due to overworking, too much stress, illness or a psychological condition is commonplace with many people not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. A restorative yoga practice can be an antidote to the stress of your daily life. It allows your nervous system to reset, your energy to replenish so that you can nourish yourself on a deep level. 

Each class will be a combination of guided meditation, breathing exercises, restorative yoga poses and a long Savasana. 

Do not pass up this chance to do nothing.

If you are pregnant, please let the teacher know so (s)he can take it into consideration.

LEVEL: Meditatief