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Core Flow 75 min

Dinsdag 12 feb, 10:15 UUR
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Core Flow 75 min
Dinsdag 12 feb, 10:15 UUR
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Lynet Vink
les wordt gegeven doorLynet Vink
Dinsdag 12 feb, 10:15UUR
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Get a totally different perspective on your practice as you move your body through a dynamic, new and interesting Vinyasa core practice. Your core is your centre of power consisting of your abdominal, back, buttock, and pelvic muscles. These form the basis of posture, movement and balance. What you will learn are the specific core principles, core alignment, core waves and core transitions as well as building strength and endurance in the body’s core muscles. 

You will feel better aligned as you stretch and strengthen all the major muscles groups, making postures easier. Through this process you will discover and learn how to use your deep core line connecting you to important core muscles such as the pelvic floor and iliopsoas. You will feel more connected with your center leading to increased stability helping you to feel more aligned both physically and emotionally. Cultivating a leaner and slender body has never felt so good!

If you are pregnant, let the teacher know in advance so (s)he can take it into consideration.

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