Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear All,

Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)

DNYS is closely monitoring the news on a daily basis regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) to provide the most peace of mind and environment to all in our school. 

Since March 12 we have adjusted our booking system to fewer spots per class, but we have enough space for you to continue your practice. We do ask you to respect your fellow students: if possible, visit our school outside peak hours and if you are unable to attend a reservation you booked, please cancel on time. We do not organize events with more than 100 attendees. The classes and workshops for which you have registered will continue, until further notice. Please keep a close eye on our website and social media.

We really value and honour those among us who are the most concerned and for this reason we invite you ALL to review and join us in taking the following measures to prevent the spread of a potential coronavirus. If for any reason you are concerned about being touched or adjusted by a teacher, do not hesitate to use the green consent cards by your yoga mat for your own peace of mind. 

The most important measures people can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are straightforward.

1. Stay home and take care of yourself when you are sick. We do not allow you to participate in a class or workshop with symptoms of illness. DNYS teachers and staff don't work when they are ill.

2. Wash your hands with soap regularly. We ask you to wash your hands when you enter our school with the provided soap (disinfectant) in the bath-/ restrooms, during the day regularly and also after class/training.

3. Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow (for the peace of mind of others). 

4. Use paper handkerchief.

5. Don't shake hands.

6. If you belong to the ‘risk group’, consult a doctor before you start exercising.


For up‑to‑date information on COVID-19 please consider this source as provided by the RIVM ( https://www.rivm.nl/en/novel-coronavirus-covid-19). Keep calm and focus on the facts and reliable sources.

It goes without saying that De Nieuwe Yogaschool team will make every effort to ensure the overall hygiene in the school as our hygiene has always been of utmost importance. 

Our cleaning procedures are already very comprehensive, but we will regularly replace (paper) towels, replenish soap dispensers and disinfect the equipment. You're always welcome to bring your own mat or use a mat towel.

It is important that we work together as a community and support one another. So please share your tips/feedback on this matter with the host on duty,  so we are able to keep our procedures up-to-date.

Kind regards,

De Nieuwe Yogaschool

Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)


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