Workshop Tension Release Exercises, Deep Relaxation and Breath work = VOL

Do you feel like your body is a bucket of stress? Are you experiencing tightness or pain in your muscles that you just cannot seem to get rid of? Is your mind running in circles? 

As a whole, we are more tense and stressed out than ever before in history. Even though we are not chased by dinosaurs or Vikings anymore, our bodies tell us a different story. We have forgotten to let go of built up stress, and so, it accumulates. 

Yoga teacher and TRE® provider Sandra Carson will guide you through the steps to allow your body to let go of tension, gently and naturally. And you will receive guided relaxation and breath work to deepen the effects of the tension release. 

These workshops will have an 8 person maximum per session. So sign up early if you are interested to avoid disappointment. You do not need any yoga experience. 

The workshop is divided into three parts:

- Tension Release Exercises:
You will be guided through the exercises of the TRE® method. Seven easy and accessible exercises that help to initiate your body’s own ability to let go, or “discharge” unneeded tension that you are holding on in your muscles and tissues. 

-short BREAK-

- Deep Relaxation with Acupressure balls
This part will take you deeper into conscious relaxation. This means that you relax your body completely but stay awake and present in your body (although you may fall asleep occasionally) You will get an acupressure massage ball to help target more tightness in the upper body. 

- Breath work
In this last part of the workshop, you will be guided through an easy breathing technique that will connect you to tension and tension release in a very different way. By staying present and conscious in your body and directing your breath, other aspects of tension will surface. Learning to stay present and creating space for whatever comes up, will help your body to further let go of stress and tension. 

About the Tension Release Exercises method:

TRE is a method that has been developed by dr David Bercelli. It is a in innovative series of exercises that help the body release deeper and often chronic physical tension. This tension can be caused by physical or other trauma, such as accidents, or by mental or emotional stress, such as work related stress, relationship problems etc. 

By doing the TRE exercises, the natural reflex mechanism of physical tension release is initiated. This mechanism often involves the tremoring or vibrating of the muscles and connective tissue.  TRE works on a deeper level on the nervous system. Once the tremor mechanism is activated, the body can rid itself of neurological blockages and the nervous system is able to freely regulate itself to a healthy state.

TRE is based on the principle that all tension and trauma, has a physical componant as well as a mental and emotional one. This finding is backed up by scientific studies.  Many people experience the vibrating and trembling as pleasant and enjoyable. 

A main aspect of doing TRE is self-regulation. This means that you respect your own boundaries in what you let go of. The goal of TRE is to initiate the tremoring mechanism so you can become self-reliant to do TRE at home whenever it suits you, without guidance. 

For more information TRE > Click here 

Date: Friday July 20th 2018
Time: 16.00-18.30 hr

Prijs: € 35,00

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