Workshop Gong Bath with Leo Cosendai - Transforming Your Life

Experience transformational meditation with the founder & teacher behind the meditation app THIRD EAR, Leo Cosendai. The celebrated sound meditation & mindfulness teacher will lead you through a special 2-hour workshop working on your ability to perceive and use sound and breath as a tool for entrainment and self-care.

These 2 hours will be dedicated to the exploration of your subconscious mind as well as the acceptation of your conscious mind - a very therapeutic and transformational experience. The frequencies emitted by Leo’s instruments enable the unfolding and creation of fresh neuro connections and stimulation of blood currents into the frontal lobe whilst you are taken on a journey of the mind.

Working from the inside out, Leo’s practice also includes powerful breath work, which is also known to help clear away contemporary obstacles like anxiety and insomnia.

The class will include: Gong bath + Breath work + Group Chanting.

Suitable for beginners but challenging for everyone regardless of experience on the mat. Please bring water. Avoid eating too much before the workshop.

What others have said about this workshop:
- “It turns out Leo has the voice of angel.” – VICE
- “London’s foremost Gong Master” – The Times
- “It felt like I was floating on air “ – Huffington Post

Video Links:

- Click here
- Click here

More info about Leo Cosendai? > CLICK HERE

This course is in English.

Datum: Friday May 25th
Tijd: 19:30-21.30 uur

Prijs: € 30,00

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