The non-path of the real with Nathalie Delay

Returning to oneness, in Kashmir Shivaism
This talk won’t be a philosophical debate, despite its title. I've chosen it on purpose, to show that traditional teachings should become an embodied practice rather than some attractive concept the mind can play with. This is why I will propose simple and concrete directions to transpose these ancient teachings into your everyday life.

I will also present more formal practices taken from the Vijnana Bhairava, which is Kashmir Shivaïsm's most important Tantra. Coming from this ancient tantric text, these teachings are nevertheless perfectly relevant to modern life, as a continual invitation to stay one with reality.

Nathalie Delay
Nathalie has always been an artist. She realized from earliest childhood that the experience of beauty opens the way to unfathomable depth. Moved by the intuition that a fundamental truth existed at the heart of reality, she became a passionate searcher. Her burning desire to live by what she instinctively knew brought her to the Kashmir Shaivite tradition when she was 26. For the next 25 years she studied the metaphysical aspects of this tradition as well as its different yogas, working with its best-known representatives (first Daniel Odier, then Éric Baret, student of Jean Klein).

Today, it is the very substance of reality, beyond any verbal expression, which inspires her and remains her only guide. The art of letting individual limitations burn up, in contact with Reality, is the only path she transmits to those who come to meet her. She's been teaching for ten years in Europe, Canada and California.

3-day workshop in Mirror Centre
Nathalie will also give a 3-day workshop from the 22 to the 24th of June. In this workshop you learn: Practicing non-thinking; to Dive into the feeling of being, Taste your depth and the depth of reality which are one. See below for more information:

Dates: 22-24 June 2018
Time: 10:00 - 17:00 hrs
Price: 260 euro (included a vegetarian lunch each day)
Program content: Meditation - Exploration of sensation starting from simple postures and minimal movements - Exploration of the breath - Visualization and Question and answer sessions. The body and breath work are drawn from the Kashmiri tantric yoga teaching

The talk is going to be in french, translated in English.

Date: Thursday June 21th 2018
19:45 - 22:00 hr

Prijs: € 20,00

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