Satsang with Tiger Singleton

Join Tiger Singleton, AKA Tigmonk in this satsang. Tigmonk is an intuitive spiritual coach/counsellor, that shares insights, wisdom and teachings, from the space of open heart.

The meaning of satsang, in sanskrit means,” meeting with the truth “, the core teachings of life are simply the opportunity to sincerely investigate and discover your own natural self, fulfilment of expressing your authenticity, freedom to experience life fully, and feel love, peace and joy in all that you do.

You will discover that all you ever want in life is within you, now.
Tiger will show you the way to connect and live from the space of now.

Once you open your heart, the relationship with yourself, your relationships with family, friends, your business partners, will deepen and assist them also in connecting with each other on a more profound, unity based reality, that will assist the expansion of collective consciousness on this Earth.

Discover the true joy of presence, experience your own divine presence that will expand your perception and enrich your life. You will learn to recognize what is real in your life and what is just simply the story that you were led to believe in. You will find the liberation with letting go of the illusion and this will create the space for you to recreate the reality that your heart desires.

It is from this space of an open heart in now, that all our movements, choices and actions in life become natural, spontaneous, joyful and stress free. New ideas emerge, problems get resolved, spontaneous healing happens, and self clarity will show the true meaning of success in life.

Tiger is a intuitive spiritual guide that points toward your divine self, a discovery that will reveal the genuine beauty of life; the beauty that you already are.

This course is in English.

Datum: Vrijdag 2 juni
Tijd: 19.00-21.00 uur

Prijs: € 20,00