Restorative Yin Yoga and World Class Concert with Karlijn Kuiper and Avi Adir

We welcome you to a deep meditative concert and a nurturing restorative yin yoga experience guided by our yoga teacher Karlijn Kuiper and multi instrumentalist and vocalist Avi Adir. Karlijn will take you through a peaceful restorative and yin yoga journey of love while Avi will share his beautiful transcending music allowing you to nestle into a deep relaxing space within. Avi's music sets your spirit on a tranquil magical journey, while it soothes your being in the present moment. This inward journey of magical sounds and surrendering will guide you to your divine essence.

What to expect
This evening, you will be taken into a relaxed state of being, in oneness, connecting to musical sounds, and melting into deep restorative and yin yoga poses. You will lay down being supported by soft blankets and cushions, nourishing your body, and expanding your consciousness. This restorative and restful practice of yoga, with her passive nature and simple, soft asanas, has a soothing effect on the nervous system, bringing relaxation to the body and calmness to the mind. You will be taken on a journey through inner landscapes, opening your heart and rising to a higher vibration, catching the flow of the moment through powerful healing sounds and instruments. The last part of the evening will be savasana guided by sound only, bringing you home to your peaceful self.

About Karlijn
Karlijn Kuiper is a dedicated yoga and meditation teacher, who sees yoga as a path of self exploration, discovery and transformation. With a loving heart, she guides people to a place of deep relaxation and surrender. With her gentle voice and presence she intuitively transfers metta through her teachings. She guides her students to deeper layers within: to a place where self healing through loving kindness can take place. She teaches weekly yin yoga classes at De Nieuwe Yogaschool.

About Avi
Avi Adir is a widely respected international artist in the field of meditative & world music. His vocal range is outstanding and covers 4 octaves, makes him an idolized vocalist. In addition to this standout skill he is a multi talented instrumentalist. As a self styled modern troubadour, originally from Israel, he is traveling the world sharing a flow of deep meditative music, using his authentic vocal styling and a variety of instruments, such as Native American, silver and bamboo flutes, Indian Bansuri, Greek Bouzouki, Japanese Shakuhachi and the Egyptian Ney. His music arises from the core of the heart, with deep emotional expression of ancient Sufi’s spirit and divine connection, sharing a fusion mix of composition and improvisation. His physical presence and music exudes an extremely high vibration!

"When in the presence of Avi, you feel as though he is radiating the divine presence itself" - Karlijn Kuiper

Click here for music from Avi Adir Music
- Click here to watch a meditation concert from Avi Adir 

Not to miss this unique experience with first class world musican Avi Adir & Karlijn's loving yoga guidance!

All levels are welcome.

This workshop is in English.

Date: Saturday 12 May 2018
 19.30u - 21.30u

* You can pay your ticket inside at the desk @ De Nieuwe Yogaschool!

Prijs: € 30,00

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