Masterclass 1, Introduction to Hridaya Meditation and the Self-enquiry Method

During the 2 masterclasses you will have the chance to explore the relaxing and Self-Revealing practice of Hridaya Hatha Yoga, The Spiritual Heart Meditation and to learn about some of the basic concepts of this path based on Advaita Vedanta (Non Duality), so that you can maintain a simple daily practice that can be also combined with any of your current yoga practices.

Please find below a basic explanation of Hridaya Yoga (the Path of the Heart) for more information click here.

Masterclass 1: Introduction to Hridaya Meditation (Heart Meditation) and the Self-enquiry Method.
Content (45 min.): What is the meaning of Hridaya?; What is Hridaya Meditation?; What is Ramana Maharshi’s Self-enquiry Method and the “I-feeling”?

Practice: Hridaya Hatha Yoga Practice & Heart Meditation (30 min)

Masterclass 2: Introduction to Hridaya Hatha Yoga and Spanda (The Sacred Tremor of the Heart)
Content (45 min): What is Hridaya Hatha Yoga?; What is the meaning of Spanda?

Practice: Hridaya Hatha Yoga Practice & Heart Meditation (30 min)

Hridaya Yoga, Yoga of the Spiritual Heart
Hridaya means “Heart” in Sanskrit, it is the Yoga of the Spiritual Heart. It is based on the non-dualistic (Advaita Vedanta) teachings of Self-enquiry Method for Self-Realization by the Hindu saint Sri Ramana Maharshi and the Tantric teachings of Kashimir Shaivism. It is a loving path that invites the Inner Wisdom of the Heart to guide our unfolding towards Truth. It consists on Spiritual Heart Meditation, constant awareness of the Spiritual Heart and Meditative Hatha Yoga.

Ramana describes Self-enquiry in a very simple way: “What is essential in any sadhana [spiritual practice] is to try to bring back the running mind and fix it on one thing only. Why then should it not be brought back and fixed in Self-attention. [To the pure feeling of ‘I’]? That alone is Self-Enquiry (atma-vichara). That is all that is to be done!” – Sri Sadhu Om, The Path of Sri Ramana Vol. 1 (Sri Ramana Kshetra: Tiruvannamalai, 1997)

This pure feeling of “I am” – related, at least in the beginning of the practice, with the middle of the chest, a little to the right – has a privileged role in revealing who we really are. If we accept this idea, then, as Ramana noted, it follows logically that this is the main aspect on which our mind should focus while in concentration, meditation, and in our daily life.

Hridaya Meditation, the Meditation of the Spiritual Heart.
Hridaya Meditation is a spiritual path itself, it consist on a beautiful simple and constant cultivation of awareness of the Spiritual Heart for the revelation of our True Nature, keeping a witness attitude, we gradually realized we are not only our body-mind and emotions, awakening the realization of our True Self.

In general, the awareness of the chest area is a simple, direct, basic practice. It is an important element in Sufism, Christianity, Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism, etc.

From a technical point of view, the practice of the Spiritual Heart Meditation consists on 3 attitudes:

1) The awareness of the Heart Center (in the chest area)

2) The awareness of short pauses after inhalation and exhalation

3) Self-enquiry (asking the question “Who am I?”)

Hridaya Hatha Yoga
Hridaya Hatha Yoga practice is based on the tantric school of Kashmir Shaivism, with its emphasis on the meditative aspect of it, on the self-Enquiry method and on the relaxed holding of the asanas. It is a practice of slow movements, holding the asanas for 1, 3 to 5 min, allowing naturalness, a free expression of energies, where everything is done “from the heart” and “with all the heart”

We enter the posture as slowly and smoothly as possible, avoiding any sudden or jerky movements. Forced movements lead to spontaneous contraction and lack of elasticity. We do not rush. We take all the time necessary to enter into a pose (and come out of it). Using this slow stretching to reach the desired position will allow us to maintain a state of relaxation.

About the Teacher
“The Heart Path has changed me deeply as I learned to live with an Open Heart, expand to actual spaciousness and light up my Consciousness in order to reveal my True Nature.  That’s why I feel the calling to share these beautiful teachings, and I am looking forward to continue growing and learning from you all. Thanks for your radiant presence in this wonderful manifestation of the One Consciousness…In gratitude and service, yours Maeioum”

Maeioum has been facilitating retreats and workshops, around the world for over 10 years, and she is part of the teacher’s team at the Hridaya Center in Mexico. 
Her strongest life motor is the realization of True Nature for all sentient beings, what has led her to share the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi: Self -enquiry, and  to surrender to Sri Mooji´s direct path for Freedom.
Besides of being a Hridaya Hatha Yoga Teacher, she is a Life Coach, Doula, Feminine Alchemy Facilitator and Holistic Therapist, trained on Yoni Tantra & Taoism, Womb Yoga and Shamanic Healing in India, Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and London. 
For the past 15 years she has been traveling the world, seeking the knowledge and blessings of ancient teachings into the depths of the Sacred Inner Space of the Heart and learning tools for human growth in terms of emotional, mental and physical health, cultivation of self-love and empowerment, openness to connected relationships, healthy and blissful intimacy, contentment, life purpose fulfillment, as well as of spiritual mission. 
Today she follows the Heart calling, holding space for self-healing and Self-Realization, based on non-duality and Self-enquiry, the path of The Spiritual Heart.

This workshop is in English.

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Date: Friday August 17th 2018
Time: 19.00 to 21.30hr
Prijs: € 30,00

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