Mantra Concert with Leah, Irene and Leonie and Terence Samson (donation based)

Singing Mantras is a heart warming way to meditate, a great release for your energy while singing together is a wonderful community experience.

Repeating the same beautiful sentences over and over again, helps to free your mind. You can listen, lay down, and relax. You can sing along and lift your energy. All are welcome.

The concert is a hour concert followed by a possibility to meet and share your experience with others and the musicians:

- Leah Kline: vocals & hostess
- Irene Sportel: vocals, guitar & co-hostess
- Leonie Bos: vocals & guitarist
- Terence Samson: percussionist & vocalist

This concert is in English and Sanskrit.

Data: Saturday February 17th
 20.00u - 21.00 hr

This concert is based on donation for the musicians so that everyone can join. So we know how many mats to set up, please notify Leah of your attendance at this email address: