Learn How: Headstands & Handstands with Leah and Sadhu = VOL

Join Leah and Sadhu for this playfully empowering, step by step exploration of classic inversions and basic hand balancing poses!

Learn progressive steps to build a grounded yet invigorating experience in these poses! Discover where your individual growth edge is in each inversion/basic hand balance. Develop understanding of how to practice these poses safely on your own, and how to progress and deepen your experience within them. 

Going upside can be scary. We are used to having our feet on the ground and our brain on top!
Yet when we go upside down something magical happens. Our mind is prompted to let go of it’s habitual cycles and for a minute, or two, or three...we feel free!!
We are asked to trust, to connect with our courage and take in our new upside down perspective!

B.K.S Iyengar, calls inversions the YOUTH SERUM… Old blood that has gathered in the bottom of our bodies, legs and feet gets turned upside down and drains down toward the heart, reverses the heart pressure. When we come out of upside down poses the heart pumps new oxygenated blood into those tired cells, relieving head aches, varicose veins, (spataderen).

During these 2 workshops we will work in partners and small groups to SAFELY build from the foundation up and explore headstand, handstand preps & handstands, as well as simple hand balancing poses. 
The sessions include simple warm ups and will incorporate pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation to digest our adventures in turning upside down and balancing on our hands.
Leah Kline and Sadhu Valakhilyas (Monday and Thursday daytime 'Basic Alignment' teachers) share many years experience in teaching bio-mechanically sound, alignment focused yoga inspired by ANUSARA and are excited to be co-teaching.
Leah brings a practical, humorous approach and Sadhu teaches with playfulness and mystical storytelling. They both work from the same alignment principles that promote safety and a deep connection with your own inner energy. Two teachers at the same time for more attention, guidance and play!  

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics, even if you just took the Basic Alignment course, as well as new yoga teachers and regular students of Leah and Sadhu.

These workshop are taught in English.

Price: 45 euros or individually for 22,50 euro 
Dates: Tuesday March 6 & 13
Tijd: 19.15-21.15 uur

It's also possible to follow these workshops separately:

- Learn How: Headstands > CLICK HERE
- Learn How: Handstands > CLICK HERE

Prijs: € 45,00

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