Day Retreat with Alison and Leah

FREEDOM starts within

Join Alison & Leah for a Spring Day Retreat. Open the body, relax the mind, feed the soul and find the space to feel more freedom. A day of Alignment Yoga, Yin, meditation, breathing techniques and contemplation including a healthy vegetarian meal and snack.

You don’t have to go far to treat yourself to a day of letting go. What is Freedom and what does it mean to you?
Amsterdam, the city and symbol of liberalism and tolerance, home of still many souls and bodys who are rigid from rules internal and external.

Together we will practice and meditate and find the space to feel more freedom. Freedom to breathe, Freedom to move, freedom to express, freedom to be yourself (again).

"What makes you happy?” is a focus of Liberation. Shedding light on our limitations, is often enough to bring us into the space of Freedom and liberate us from unnecessary armor. 

Alison and Léah have developed a day retreat of movement, breath work, contemplation, sound and Yoga poses focusing on the Elements of Liberation. 

Starting with a gentle flow the process will be to:
- Shed or soften your armor
- Touch your playfulness in movement
- Find support and balance
- Touch the Fearful Edge 
- Consider our limitations (real or imagined) 

12:00  Welcome / savasana meditation
12:30 Gentle Flow ( tracking your evolution in movement)  
14:30 lunch
15:30 Breath work /Restorative  & Sound work, chanting  meditation
Tea break
17:00 -18:15 Yoga ASANA poses Partner work (holding onto playfulness & support) 
18:20 - 19:00 restorative/ meditation / Contemplation

We invite you to wear colorful clothing and bring a journal and sense of adventure to the symbolic day of release!

Alison and Leah enjoy teaching together:

- Yin and Yang energies
- contemplation and singing
- meditation and breath
- gentle movement and playfulness 
- are all what they share 
- come and meet yourself 

Join these forces in yourself as these two have with each other.

zaterdag 5 mei 2018
Tijd: 12.00 - 19.00 uur

Prijs: € 90,00

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