Conscious Presence Parenting (donation based)

The Natural Flow on Effect
Conscious Presence Parenting we can recognise challenges as opportunities within the gifts of parenting. With simple innate tools, we unfold iron out-dissolve within an instant, happenings that can fall short us from Presence. We have the capacity to meet whatever arises from a place of Presence. In Presence we are naturally creative, responsive and draw upon depths with our energy field, beyond ourselves and can be delighted even surprised within our capacities.  Innate tools bring forth an opportunity to remain reinforce and steer as needed into Presence. 

We can swing from Presence and meet our happenings through our mind-emotions-behaviours, here we are surviving in many directions and can recognise the lack of Joy and ease. This in itself can create confusion as we have everything to be joyful for. We may be happy yet that alive open flowing Joy can be in the distance. Up until now. 

As parents more than ever we need to bring forth our Presence in our everyday life for our children no matter how old they are. We recognise the delightful ease within Conscious Presence Parenting and the challenges can be seen as sign posts to return to Conscious Presence. Yet how do we remain and build our capacity to remain and steer ourselves into Presence Conscious response when pushed? How do we shift our energy from taking things personally, meet moments when children aren’t responding? How do we really support our children to meet their emotions when we are not tending to our own yet remain in expectations? How do we meet the energy requirements as parents in this current world? It is here where simple innate tools come alive. Tools that are already in play yet once Consciously drawn upon when challenged, and as a proactive play make profound shifts within outcomes for all concerned in our busy everyday lives.  

Pia is an Awakened spiritual teacher from Australia and regularly travels internationally supporting Conscious Presence Awakening. Pia’s Presence and wealth experience is a gift to all communities, she is naturally holistic integrative and humantistic within her approach. 

With over 25 years in private practice Aumcara Studio, Spiritual counselling, Healing, Providing external Professional supervision, Aumcara programs, Government and Community sector, Pia has worked in Child protection Parenting Programs, and provided Aumcara programs Staff members/Foster careers. She has facilitated numerous support groups that include Post and Anti-natal depression Support Groups (PANDSI). Pia has also taught at the University of Canberra, Australia ‘Exploration of Healing’. Pia’s professional study includes TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, BA Community Education, Counselling. Pia’s Presence is real and genuine, a mother of three adult children.  Regardless of the program Pia is sharing, it is clear her love for supporting Presence, Sacred life is evident. 

Datum: Monday August 6th 2018
Tijd: 15.00 - 17.00 hr
Price: (donation based)

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