Circle of Truth: 8 weekse cursus with Rolandjan = VOL

For 2.5 months we come together almost every week (see dates) to discover the truth of who we are. We as human beings have something in common; we all wish to be happy. And the good news is; happiness is already our true nature, but we may not be aware of that. This deepening program is to remember again your ever free and complete state of pure Being.

Another thing that we tend to have in common is the fact that we think a lot. We are mostly living in our mind created story about life instead of being in the direct experience of what is. Most thoughts are conditioned; they are colored by past experience, our upbringing, current time frame, media, culture, etc. These non-practical neurotic thoughts show us an interpretation of life, creating a sense of separateness from it, instead of experiencing oneness with life as it truly is. So even during our waking hours we are living in a dream-version of life.

Since we tend to believe in the conditioned thought-patterns about the world, and ourselves we mostly do not experience happiness. Instead of feeling content and peaceful we feel confused and trapped in a vicious cycle of worrying, regretting, blaming, desiring, and resisting. Or, in other words; believing in and identifying with our personal story about 'me' and 'others' and not being aware of the plain reality of life right here and now exactly as it Is.

The truth of our innermost-Being is that it is without form.  All forms arise and pass in it. Who you are is not a thought or an image, rather it is That which is aware of thoughts and images coming and going. It is not an experience but gives room to all experiences, pleasant or unpleasant. Since our essence is formless, like the sky, it is eternally free, not bound by body, mind, or time. While everything in life changes; the Truth of what we are just Is, beyond all concepts. It is the unbound vastness in which life, including thoughts, feelings, sensations, and sensory experiences, take place. And above all; it's a unity that is inseparable, just like the waves are one with the ocean.  Just like the clouds need the sky to appear. Everything is a divine momentary expression of and within That which Is.

In these 8 gatherings spread across 2.5 months we will explore together as a sangha (spiritual family) the aspects of being content, peaceful and joyous; which are some of the natural qualities arising out of our true Self. Even if we are in the recognition of the Truth of our being or we have had a glimpse of it, out of habit it may happen that we forget or overlook the fact that we are pure Awareness and imagine that we are just a bundle of thoughts and feelings. During these two and a half months we will come to enjoy each other’s support and inspiration. Being together with the same focus is very powerful and helps us overcome our doubt about what we are.

In every session there will be (guided) meditation, self inquiry, simple exercises like circular breathing, authentic sharing of experience, occasional meditative partner exercises.  There will also be room for Q&A.

We will look deeper into questions like; 'What is a thought and where does it arise from?' and 'What is the difference between thoughts and thinking'? What is 'ego'? What is the nature of feelings and emotions? What is it that causes the experience of suffering or 'not (good) enough' in day to day life? What is the nature of our true Being? Does 'me' and 'others' truly exist? Each week we will explore experientially different aspects of our sacred human life.

Each time we come together there will be a certain focus and 'homework’ in between the gatherings.  These can vary from day-to-day reflection in the form of daily meditations, contemplating a self inquiry question, watching satsang or guided meditation at home, abiding with the sense 'I am' instead of being lost in the story of 'I am this / that'.

After these eight gatherings:
* It is very clear that, in essence, you are not thoughts and feelings, but that you are the unchanging witness of them
* You have learned how to distinguish the difference between seeing things from the conditioned minds' perspective versus seeing things, as they truly are, raw and un-interpreted
* You will have learned simple techniques like circular breathing, authentic sharing, meditation and clear self inquiry questions that help in letting attention move away from the habit of neurotic thinking towards realising your eternal awareness Self that just is
* You will effortlessly share and act from a place of contentment and peace instead of a place of lack, fear and confusion, thus bringing more peace and harmony in the world by being your natural Self

- You intent to take part in all 8 sessions (missing out max. 1 session).
- The gatherings will be held in English or Dutch depending on the participants
- Circle of Truth is about 2 hours a week plus home work / day to day reflection

To sign up for this program you confirm that you have followed at least 3 yoga or meditation classes taught by Rolandjan. Contact Rolandjan if you would like more information:

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12, 19 okt & 2, 9, 23, 30 nov & 7, 14 dec
Time: 19.45h till 21.45h
Prijs: € 165,00

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