Advanced Study (50 hrs): Living Vinyasa - Teaching in Rhythm with Daphne Koken

Connect to your own dharma and the wisdom of your own inner teacher
Cultivate and deepen your own practice as the foundation for teaching
Live your dharma through your yoga on and off the mat

This module will offer you the tools and inspiration to create meaningful, rich vinyasa yoga sequences that will leave your students with a deep feeling of connection. To ‘live’ vinyasa means to live in flow and to be connected with nature; from the flow of the seasons to the cycles of the moon to the balanced rhythm of our breath. ‘Teaching in rhythm’ means that you allow your inspiration to guide you and create magical classes that arise from your connection with the vinyasa of life. 

During this module Daphne will invite you to dive in and honour your own dharma, your inspiration and what moves you. You will learn how you can transform this inspiration into meaningful and embodied vinyasa yoga classes. Daphne will offer different themes to work with and you will create sequences based on your own inspiration.

Urban life
To create meaningful classes means to touch upon subjects that are relevant for students in their daily lives. Connect to the flow of daily life and learn how to put whatever happens in the external world into a yogic context. This is the real yoga, inspiring people to apply yoga practice off the mat through practice on the mat. Allow yourself to contribute to global healing and transformation.

Living in rhythm with nature
Although we are urban yogis living in the city, we are part of nature. Learn how to teach in sync with the rhythm of the day and the week, the flow of the seasons and the cycles of the moon. Create a deeper understanding of the energetics and influences of the cycles of nature on our daily practice. Allow this knowledge to inspire you to create vinyasa classes that leave your students with a blissful feeling.

Daphne will guide you to create sequences based on:

-  the energies of the seasons: learn to create solar and more lunar classes. Learn how to choose asanas and how to work towards them in a way that makes sense, energetically
-  the relevance of moments of transformation (solstice/ equinox), related to the principles of vinyasa: learn how to translate the qualities of these moments to offer students a deeper connection on and off their mats
-  the rhythm of the week, the day, how te weather influences our daily practice: learn how to energetically balance your classes to leave students with a feeling of harmony

Embodying yoga philosophy
Learn how to bring yoga philosophy to life and transform your inspiration into embodied experiences for your students.  Honour the sacred space of practice through working with imagery, altars, images, deities and sound.

We will go deeper into:

-  the chakra system: how to use the seven centers of transformation for personal development and for balancing our students’ energy
-  the yoga sutras of Patanjali: how to integrate yogic concepts into our daily lives

  • Purusha & Prakriti
  • Yamas & Niyamas
  • Sthira & Sukha
  • The path of selfless action

- working with deities like Ganesha, Hanuman and Shiva & Shakti

This training includes:
- Tools for transforming inspiration into magical vinyasa sequences
- Teaching skills: use of voice, vocabulary, playlists, mantras, mudras, pranayamas and more to create a multi-dimensional experience
- Reference to the yoga scriptures: keeping your inspiration connected and real
- Daily master practices for your own inspiration and embodiment
- DIY-lab: time to create, share and practice with fellow teachers

This module is a wonderful opportunity to experience a deeper embodiment and integration of the Vinyasa of life.

About Daphne

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Friday: 09.00 - 17.30 hr
Saturday: 12.00 - 19.00 hr
Sunday: 12.00 - 19.00 hr
Monday: 09.00 - 17.30 hr
Tuesday: 09.00 - 17.30 hr

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Dates: Friday April 13 - Tuesday April 17
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This advanced study (50hr) is one of 6 Vinyasa expert modules offered by Simon and Daphne (Pranalovers) at De Nieuwe Yogaschool. These Advanced Studies are open to all and can be done as separate modules.

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