AcroYoga Flows & Spins Course with Sadhu and Marieke

Lift off with AcroYoga!
Explore basic to more intermediate flows and transitions that enrich your sense of play and possibility in your AcroYoga practice and beyond!

Change is a fundamental element of all life. The turning of the seasons, the maturing of a child, the developing of a skill, all bring with them both beauty and challenge. Some of the most beautiful elements of AcroYoga are in the quality of connection required to fluidly change from position to position. 
In this course Sadhu and Marieke will progressively build your skill-set as flyer, base and spotter enabling you to play with the challenges and beauty of finding smooth, fluid movement in AcroYoga flows and transitions. 

We’ll play with some of the many fun ways in which a flyer can move onto and off of their base (mounts & dismounts), as well as key transitions that allow flyers to turn around in the air, and some basic washing machines (where the flyer spins through a repeating cycle of poses). 

We’ll explore the differences when transitioning in acrobatic flying (where the flyer is active & engaged) and therapeutic flying (in which the flyer is passive and surrendered). 

Learn how to create beauty and flow in your AcroYoga practice through a rich, steady connection to your partners in play! 

*Participants require some basic experience in AcroYoga or partner acrobatics. 
This course is ideal for students who have completed the AcroYoga Basics course with Sadhu and Marieke and who can steadily perform the basic forms of AcroYoga, and who are ready to expand their practice.
No partner necessary, just an openness to play and collaborate with others!   

This course is in English.

Ready to lift off?
Thursday May 3th and 10th
19.30 - 22.00 hr
Prijs: € 49,00

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