Acro yoga basics course with Sadhu and Marieke

Lift off with AcroYoga!
Take your yoga up into the air and enjoy the weightlessness and freedom of flying, supported by other humans!

Marieke de Bruin
and Sadhu Valakhilyas are openhearted, playfully creative AcroYoga teachers. They draw inspiration from a very diverse range of movement practices and have a love of collaboration and teamwork. Their teaching emphasizes fun, safety and community!

In this three week foundation course we’ll progress through the absolute basics of AcroYoga, taking time to digest the core principles of the practice and develop confidence in forward flying, back flying, simple inversions and basic transitions.

You’ll cultivate skills to work as a team in the roles of flyer, base and spotter and learn to support and guide one another in co-creating a safe and empowering AcroYoga experience.

This course will explore both acrobatic flying in which the flyer (the person in the air) is active & dynamic, as well as therapeutic flying wherein the flyer is passive and receives aerial bodywork from their base, their human platform who connects them to the ground.

AcroYoga is a community fueled practice, built upon human collaboration. It is a rich blend of partner acrobatics, yoga and bodywork that develops trust, connection and enhances our capacity to work together.

Come and play with some of the many possibilities in which humans can support each other to balance and move in the air. All levels of students are welcome. No partner necessary, just an openness to play and collaborate with others!

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This course is in English.

Ready to lift off?
October 31th, November 7th and 14th
19.15 - 21.15 hr
Prijs: € 59,00