Advanced study (50 hr): Core Flow with Marlene Henny

Join Marlene Henny in her vinyasa based Core Flow Yoga Module Advanced Study for Teachers. Learn new insight and how to create a powerful practice and classes and grow further as a yoga teacher. This training is for already certified yoga teachers who are teaching, or are at the beginning of teaching, public classes and/or have a two year dynamic ongoing yoga practice already.

This study combines core anatomy insight, creative, and dynamic CFY practices, circular movements ( so non-linear) through transitions, core principles and core waves. Move and learn to awaken your center, connect and transform your teaching, your students and your practice from the inside and out. Get new insights in yoga practice and self-clarity and applying what you learned in your training immediately.

Teachings offered
Discover new insights to bring it on to the next level: get knowledgeable, creative and teach classes that are not standard but dynamic, fun, open and interesting. Learn to take your teaching to the next level. The advanced study covers 5 days, 42 contact hours and 8 hours of homework in which you will:

* Receive fifty hours of content;

* Improve your knowledge of core anatomy and core alignment in yoga classes; You will learn to add the core principles into your teaching as well as be able to teach a full core flow class.

* Know how to instruct core signature poses in a way students become aware and feel more and get better results in their practice.

* Adding creativity as well as intelligent core moves core signature poses and how to do and teach core waves, transitions and the core breath and positive and powerful language in support of your teaching;

* At the end of this training you are inspired and empowered to guide others into core alignment and teach in a dynamic, uplifting and joy able way.

Training highlights
Core Insight Anatomy
* core muscles, seen from a broader point of view and the four cores
How to move with core alignment and how to cultivate flow
*the order of teaching any pose in CFY, and how to work with the earth element and how to build the poses from the earth
The 2 Core Qualities
*the relationship and dance between expanding energy and contracting energy
Core Transitions
*transitioning with the support of core strengt
Core Flow Postures
* signature CFY poses.
A Core Flow Yoga Sequence
* ready for you to teach
A Core Flow signature playlist by Marlene (not from heaven but straight from the jungle)
* to boost your classes.


Saturday & Sunday

12.00 - 19.00 hr


09.00 - 17.30 hr

As soon as we have received your payment, your place in the training is definitively reserved. Please read our terms of agreement to make sure you are aware of all the details concerning your transaction? For any questions, send an e-mail to

This course is in English.

Dates:  24, 25 november & 1, 2, 3 december 2018
Price: 525 eur ex VAT / 635,25 inc VAT

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Prijs: € 635,25


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