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Advanced studies 50 uur

As yoga teachers, and students, we are always learning more and developing ourselves. This inspirational and creative process is of value to the lessons we give and receive. Therefore, we are very happy to present our advanced studies to you. If you want to deepen your knowledge of yoga within a specific area,  our 50 hour advanced studies might just be the thing for you.

NOTE: When the text of the study is in Dutch, the study is in Dutch. When it's in English, the study will be in English.

Radiant Flow | certification program 100hr (2x 50hr) 

Radiant Flow is a beautiful and graceful, flow based style of Yoga practice focussed on awakening and harmonising the flow of your life-energy, ‘Prana’ so that you will feel balanced, uplifted and radiantly alive! This program of Simon Rowe consists of 2 x 50hr studies (100hr in total) that can each be done independently.

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